we are a family owned and operated small batch specialty


we like direct relationships in our supply chain.

we like farmers, pickers, coops, exporters, importers, and

packaging partners.

we like early mornings with the rising sun.

we like all processed coffees.

we like origin coffee.

we like post roast blends.

we like roasting coffee beans especially with technology.

we like data.

we like bean density and moisture content.

we like cupping coffee, a daily protocol at our roastery.

we like all brew methods, though french press is our fave.

we like iced coffee on hot days.

we like hot coffee on cold days.

we like coffee.

that’s all.

At a vineyard
Tubbs Founder Jason

founder + roaster

powered by the passionate pursuit of a perfect cup, jason is a tireless self-taught roaster who spent years hunched over various home machines tinkering before honing the craft of roasting through technology and shifting to commercial production with his own company, tubbs coffee roasters. his dedication to quality from source to cup crosses over in business development, logistics and fulfillment with 15 years of experience in sales and marketing for fine wine brokers, distributors, and importers.

dad chief decaf quality assurance
Chad Picture

dad + chief decaf quality assurance + sales support

retired usaf pilot and soon to be retired from 50 years in the air commercially, chad aka dad has lived a life of fortune through his travels. as someone who is about to be unemployed aka retired, and based on long island, ny, dad will grow our east coast business with direct relationships in select markets starting in 2023. the man is as about as old-school hardworking no-nonsense as they come, and we are all excited to keep him busy!

mom+ office manager

patti aka mom will likely be the one greeting and chatting with locals at the roastery, and answering phones, and bookkeeping, and bagging, and in general keeping the operations nice and organized. she is the heart of the roastery and we all should be so lucky to have our mothers be an integral part of a family business.